TOAC 3D Archery Rules


Rules used in this competition are partially adapted from IBO regulations.

1.1 Competition Format

1.1.1 Shooting Rounds

    • Qualification Round : All archers must shoot in 20 targets, scores in this round will be used to divide archers into Class A and Class B in the Final Round.
    • Final Round: All archers must shoot in 20 targets, scores combined from Qualification round and Final round will be used to determine the winner in each class.

1.1.2 Shooting Group

    • In Qualification Round, shooting group will be randomly chosen and will contain archers from at least 2 distinctive clubs.
    • In Final Round, shooting group will be sorted according to Qualification round scores and must have archers from at least 2 distinctive clubs.

1.2 Shooting Positions and Etiquette

    • There will be 2 separate stakes on each target at different distance.
    • When shooting, the archer must touch the appropriate stake with some part of his or her body.
    • No archer advances beyond their assigned stake before entire group finishes their shooting.
    • There shall be no discussion of yardage until all arrows have been scored.

1.3 Scoring

    • Each archer is allowed to shoot only one arrow per target, otherwise the score will be 0 point.
    • Arrows must stick in the target in order to receive a score other than a zero with the exception of a pass-through or a robinhood shot.
    • An arrow that passes through a target may be scored if witnessed and agreed upon by the majority of archers in the group
    • An arrow embedded into the nock end of an arrow embedded in the target shall be scored the same as the arrow embedded into the target.
    • Arrow hits on a leg or a foot considered as a hit but arrow on animal’s horns will be scores as a miss.
    • Other objects beside animal’s normal body aren’t considered as a target and wouldn’t be scored.
    • Scoring Arrow
    • KILL 10 Points: Hit inner circle of vital organs.
    • VITAL 8 Points: Hit vital organs.
    • WOUND 5 Points: Hit other parts which considered as body.
    • An arrow touching the line of a greater scoring area shall be given the higher score.

pastedGraphic.png 1.4 Scorecard

    • Scorecards must be split between two scorekeepers so that each scorekeeper has one card for each archer. Both scorekeepers must agree on a score, compare and record the score before the arrows are pulled from the target.
    • Arrows pulled early will receive a zero.
    • At the end of each round, all archers must check both of their scorecards. If any mistakes were to be found, changes can be made upon agreement from majority of the group.
    • Scorecard must be signed before sending to the officials.
    • Scorecards will be checked at the end of each course. Each group’s scorecards must be turned in together by the entire group.

1.5 Prohibited Equipment

If any of these equipment is detected during the competition, responsible archer will be disqualified.

    • Any types of rangefinders
    • Crossbows or modified bows that considered harmful to other archers
    • Broad head arrows
    • Laser sights
    • Bows with draw weight higher than 80 lb.

**   In this competition, all arrow sizes are allowed.

2. Category

2.1 Bare Bow

2.1.1 Any type of bows other than compound bow are allowed.

2.1.2 Sights, aiming device and any marks on the bow are not allowed.

2.1.3 Equipped bow must pass through a 12.2 cm ring.

2.2 Recurve Unlimited

2.2.1 Any equipment not prohibited in session 1.5 is allowed.

2.3 Compound Unlimited

2.3.1 Any equipment not prohibited in session 1.5 is allowed.

2.4 Compound Bare bow

2.4.1 Sights, aiming device and any marks on the bow are not allowed

2.4.2 Equipped bow must pass through a 12.2 cm ring.

* * Any categories with less than 10 archers might be dropped and would be combined with other suitable category.

3. Notes

  • Archers can use binocular without rangefinder.
  • Archers must turn off all electronics device or switch to silent mode during the competition.

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